Not Afraid  :  The Evolution of Eminem   (by Anthony Bozza  )

Title: Not Afraid : The Evolution of Eminem (by Anthony Bozza )

Author: by Anthony Bozza

Category: New

Overview: The sequel to the New York Times bestseller Whatever You Say I Am, chronicling the last 20 years of rapper Eminem s life, based on new, exclusive interviews with the artist, his friends, family, and associates. In 1999, a former dishwasher from Detroit became the most significant, controversial, and polarizing musical artist in the world. He was a fish out of water, a white artist creating viable art in a black medium, telling stories with such verbal dexterity, nimble wit, and shocking honesty

Publisch Date: 25 June 2019

File: PDF

Size: 100 Mb

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